About Drake & Farrell

  • Solutions are about more than just logistics There is a unique challenge to each company. Think about cost reduction, availability, punctuality, efficiency... Drake & Farrell can help you with all of these, making sure you stay ahead of your competition.
  • ‘Flexible’ is our middle name Standard solutions are a dime a dozen. But the market you work in is anything but stable and requires ultimate flexibility. That's why we focus on your process, your needs. Not only does this simplify matters for you, it also allows you to successfully anticipate the constant changes in your market and customer requirements.
  • Going above and beyond A deal is a deal. After all, cooperation is all about trust and reliability. But we’re not satisfied until we've managed to surprise you. That way, we strengthen our working relationship and learn more about each other's businesses. For even better results.
  • Cooperation beats execution A sustainable, personal working relationship yields better returns. When we match our innovative approach and logistics expertise to your knowledge, you can be sure of a lucrative partnership.
  • Thinking outside the box Complex logistic challenges? Thanks to its cutting-edge and unconventional approach, Drake & Farrell has extensive knowledge and experience at its disposal. We approach each issue from a holistic and innovative perspective. You simply reap the benefits.