Gateway products manufacturer

The challenge

A gateway products manufacturer supplies modems to large-scale, international operators. On a basic level, each modem is identical. The manufacturer wants to be able to supply on demand, but doesn’t wants to have too much in stock for one customer and too little for another. They also need to be flexible when faced with sudden changes; a customer changing its house style or product composition.

Drake & Farrell - Fabrikant van gateway producten
Drake & Farrell - Fabrikant van gateway producten

The solution

Drake & Farrell stocks generic modems for the manufacturer. Once an order comes in, we immediately get to work, adding brand-specific software, connection materials, manuals and packaging. Thanks to our efficient production line, we are able to quickly produce results. By making the order brands-specific at the last moment, there is no need to extensively stock each brand. Flexible, sustainable, cost-reducing.