Importer of baby blankets

The challenge

A French mail-order company sells baby blankets. It turns out that a small percentage of the stock still contains production pins. That means the product is dangerous and cannot be sold. The company is considering sending the entire stock of 140,000 blankets back to the factory. The importer prefers a cheaper and less time-consuming solution. One that guarantees absolute safety.

Drake & Farrell - Importeur babydekens
Drake & Farrell - Importeur babydekens

The solution

Drake & Farrell rents the same type of scanner used at airports. We set out for France with a production crew and the necessary equipment. Within 24 hours after being contacted by the customer, the first blankets are being run through the scanner, one by one. As soon as the scanner detects metal, our crew checks the blanket by hand and removes the pins. After that, the baby blankets are put through the scanner again. A comforting thought.