Liquor producer

The challenge

A producer of dozens of liquor brands sells its distributors promotional materials. Glasses, beer mats, flags, T-shirts… You name it. International distributors are able to place orders at several moments each year. After that, the customer has the goods manufactured worldwide. That presents an extra challenge, because the numbers, packaging and quality delivered often differ from the order specification. How do you make sure all goods get to each importer on time and in the right quantities?

The solution

Drake & Farrell has been taking care of the entire process for years now. It all starts with good planning. We collect all the cargo in a warehouse and perform an entry control. Exceeded delivery time? Received the wrong glasses from France? The wrong number of T-shirts from China? We identify the issue, talk to the customer and adapt the planning. Sometimes we change the orders. Whatever it takes. After receiving the goods, everything is kitted and order picked for delivery to buyers in the EMEA region. A powerful promotional campaign.