You are looking for a company that offers efficient procurement and storage. A company that manages your stock and carefully picks, prepares and ships orders. One that combines several articles into one final product. A service provider that actively contributes ideas, because everyone has different needs.

Drake & Farrell - Fulfilment

Order fulfilment

Drake & Farrell has the solution to your logistics challenge. Our processes are tailored to your needs. You would like us to stock your essential parts? Our Parts Management makes inventory management easy.
Drake & Farrell - Fulfilment

Meeting customers’ needs

Helping you and your customers as best we can—that's how we define Fulfilment. You decide how we can help; Drake & Farrell provides the solution. Is your main priority to process orders quickly and carefully? Or do you also require a specific format for reports and customer care support? What is important to your own customers? Is it speed? Or do they value favourable delivery options?