Procurement and inventory management

Is your stock becoming outdated by rapid product renewal? Are you keeping customers waiting for weeks on end, because a single part is not in stock? Would you like to ship an order, but are you out of packaging material? Drake & Farrell is happy to assist you with Procurement and Inventory management.

Drake & Farrell - Inkoop en voorraadbeheer

Replenishment service

Drake & Farrell offers monthly, weekly or even daily procurement advice. This allows you to stay on top of your procurement management. Would you rather not have to worry about anything? We would be happy to take everything off your hands. That includes the procurement of parts, packaging and connection materials, labeling and taking care of cargo transport.
Drake & Farrell - Inkoop en voorraadbeheer

Vendor Owned Inventory

We can optimise your stock level based on a shared prognosis. We can procure and stock your goods, and you will only be charged for them when the order is placed or shipped.