Product Lifecycle Solutions

Handling returns, combining usable parts of defective products into a new product, recycling unusable parts, last-minute customisation… Drake & Farrell helps you gain maximum financial and sustainable returns by optimising your product’s lifecycle.

Drake & Farrell Infographic Logistics

Drake & Farrell - Product Lifecycle Solutions

Reverse Logistics

Product returns? If necessary, Drake & Farrell will quickly supply a new product. We assess the returns in terms of quality and looks, and are able to supply software updating, functional testing, refurbishing and repackaging services. Gathering, analysing, and reporting relevant data is an essential part of the process.
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Drake & Farrell - Product Lifecycle Solutions

Drake & Farrell - Product Lifecycle Solutions

End-Of-Life Solutions

Is a product no longer usable? We will dismantle, sell or reuse the usable parts and recycle the non-usable parts. We also offer data wiping services: safely reusing or destroying storage devices to keep your confidential company information out of the wrong hands.
Drake & Farrell - Product Lifecycle Solutions

Last Minute Customisation

Do you supply customised products? Chances are you often have too much in stock for one customer, and not enough for another. That is why we wait to the last moment to customise your product for its specific brand and function. Once the order is placed, we add software, packaging or other elements specific to your customer or brand. That way, you save costs and gain flexibility.
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