Tailor-made projects

Product recall? Extensive house style rebranding? Promotional campaign? Logistics emergency? Drake & Farrell offers tailored solutions to specific problems.

Drake & Farrell - Projecten op maat

Developing innovative solutions

Drake & Farrell approaches your project from a holistic and innovative perspective. Combined with our extensive knowledge and experience with these kinds of projects, we deliver unconventional and effective solutions. We then swiftly bring together the necessary knowledge, expertise and the right parties for the job, plan the project and get to work.
Drake & Farrell - Projecten op maat

Performing under pressure

Our employees are used to hectic days, lots of pressure and tight schedules. In fact, that is when we thrive. We will set up the necessary infrastructure in no time and before you know it, we will be processing complicated supply chains. Working at your location? No problem! And whatever happens: we get the job done and stick to the agreement.